"... the world may be different because I was important  in the life of a child."  
 Forest E. Witcraft                                              

The MMK Foundation is guided by the belief that supporting opportunities to help children, citizens, and communities locally and abroad serves to enhance all who are touched by the work.  The MMK Foundation supports worthy causes that assist children, help people, and enhance the environment.   The strategic funding priorities of the MMK Foundation are represented by the following key program areas:

  -- Caring for Children
  -- Promoting Education and Literacy                 
  -- Providing Family Support Services
  -- Developing Key Life Skills
  -- Sustaining Environmental Health

Through the generosity of Mark and Marcia King, there are many ways they, and the MMK Foundation, make a difference in the lives of those who are helped.  The founders and the Foundation provide financial assistance to help in a variety of ways.

Supporting educational programs, funding research for children's health issues, and making donations to care-giving institutions dedicated to serving children are examples of how the MMK Foundation makes a difference.   The MMK Foundation supports organizations that provide food, training, and services to help families remain intact and recover from unexpected hardship or events.  Further, the Foundation supports organizations that provide important resources including food, clothes, shelter, and supplies to respond to unexpected events such as hurricanes, earthquakes, or tornados.  The founders and Foundation also provide training, technology, and time to support special events for women, children, families, community activities, veteran's concerns, and enviornmental causes.  The Directors of the Foundation also mentor individuals to help them learn skills, gain experience, and develop knowledge for long-term advancement in life.

Through giving back, the Kings and the MMK Foundation work to assist individuals and causes achieve positive change in their lives and communities and ensure that children, and others, have access to the opportunities and resources needed to live healthy lives and achieve success.