“It is very important to me to create effective avenues to give back,
  that’s why we established the MMK Foundation.” 
    Mark King                       

Mark and Marcia King have a long history of philanthropy.  They founded the Dallas-based MMK Foundation in 2007 to expand their areas of giving.   Initially focused on children’s causes, the MMK Foundation increased its scope to support the health and education of disadvantaged citizens and communities locally and abroad. 

Founders, Mark and Marcia King have often given in times of extraordinary need or to address important issues such as childhood development or environmental health.  For example, they were quick to support recovery efforts after hurricanes including Katrina and Ivan.  They have continued this tradition of support with the work of the MMK Foundation and their quick response to assist with recovery efforts in Haiti after the earthquake in January of 2010.

Mark King, co-founder of the MMK Foundation said:   “After working for almost 30 years in the fast-paced corporate world, I've finally been able to devote more time and energy into areas that are truly fulfilling to me.  After years of informal support and giving, we established the MMK Foundation to create greater opportunities to support worthy causes.”

The following profiles provide snapshots of just some the historical philanthropic activities of Founders Mark and Marcia King.  Current activities of the MMK Foundation are highlighted in our Press Room.


Responding in Times of Need


“It is critical to help people regain the health and livelihood they had before storms and other natural disasters hit.  Donations are just one way we can help.”

                                                            Mark King, Founder of the MMK Foundation


Hurricanes often have devastating and long-term effects on the health, property, and well-being of those who reside in effected areas.  The loss of life, negative health impacts, destruction of homes and personal property, and impact on residents’ ability to earn a living are just some of the deadly impacts of storms and other natural disasters.  After the initial destruction comes the daunting task of recovery and rebuilding.  The founders have provided hurricane relief funds to help people overcome and rebuild after Katrina, the Jamaica hurricanes, and other natural disasters.  Hurricane relief funds support efforts to help people reclaim their lives, rebuild their homes and communities, and recover when natural disasters occur.

Bringing Clean Water to Ghana

“Bringing clean water to areas makes a lasting difference and changes lives for the better - forever.”

                                                           Mark King, Founder of the MMK Foundation

Around the globe, nearly 1 billion people don't have access to clean drinking water and almost 2 million people die each year by drinking contaminated water. The Kings generously donated to the Africa Water Well fund to help improve access and availability to clean water for citizens of Ghana.

Clean water changes lives, forever. Access to clean water helps children grow and remain healthy. With clean water, the cycle of poverty is broken, health returns, and lives change. Children grow up to fulfill their dreams and become productive members of their communities. Girls return to school. Women begin small businesses. Men are no longer too sick to work. Fields are watered and food supplies become more plentiful and reliable.

“Providing clean water eliminates suffering and is an important issue to support. We are committed to helping improve the living conditions for children around the world.”

                                                         Marcia King, Founder of the MMK Foundation

The following guiding principles reflect the Directors’ beliefs about the philanthropy of the MMK Foundation:

--  Give back to children, citizens, and communities locally and abroad
--  Provide necessary resources to assist those in extraordinary need
--  Increase opportunities for those in chronic need to address hunger and poverty
--  Seek new avenues and fund existing avenues for the medical and educational needs of children

As Marcia King, co-founder of the MMK Foundation said:  “Mark and I established the MMK Foundation primarily to support causes that advance the health, education, and welfare of children.  We are pleased to be able to improve and support worthy children's causes.”

Supporting the work of the MMK Foundation is the Board of Directors which includes the Kings and Warren Edwards, a corporate executive and long-time business associate.